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There is a lot of debate on the possible health benefits of air duct cleaning in a home. It is hard to make a general statement that air duct cleaning would benefit all homes because the conditions in one house are different from another.          
What is involved in Air Duct Cleaning?

In general, duct cleaning involves the clean-up of all the various components that make up a heating and cooling system to include the air handlers, supply air duct, air outlets like diffusers, registers and grilles, vertical ducts, drip pans, heating coils, cooling coils, fan motors and such.  

Air ducts are manufactured using different materials such as sheet metal, fiber glass duct board, flex duct or a combination of these materials. The type of air ducts in your home will tell a professional Los Angeles air duct cleaning company what cleaning method to use.
When to Clean the Air Ducts in Your Home

It is necessary to call for professional Los Angeles air duct cleaning in your home if you can clearly see that there is significant presence of mold growth within the components of the air ducts like on the metal sheet and other hard surfaces. It is important to point out that since a heating and cooling system is made up of a lot of sections that would be difficult to inspect visually, some mold growth may not be visible right away.

If mold does exist in the duct work, a Los Angeles air duct cleaning contractor can show you exactly where it is. Also, mold detection is not easy at it seems. You can use your own judgment to identify mold but it can easily be mistaken for some other substance. An experienced air duct cleaning Los Angeles contractor would be able to help you in this.

If there is mold, it is important to address the conditions that led to the growth to prevent it from recurring. For instance, insulated air ducts with moldy or wet insulation needs to be removed and then replaced because there is no way to effectively clean it or eliminate the molds. Aside from mold growth in the ducts, you should consider professional Los Angeles air duct cleaning in your home if the ducts are ridden with pests such as insects and rodents or if the ducts are obstructed by dust and debris.

The air duct registers may be dusty but this would be normal because the air pulled through the system is laden with dust. This doesn’t indicate, however, that the ducts are heavily contaminated with dust or debris. Simply vacuum the registers or remove to clean them if there is no indication of significant dust.

If the above conditions are not present, then it is probably not necessary to call professional Los Angeles air duct cleaning.  However, if someone in your household is having allergy attacks or suddenly has an unexplained illnesses or symptoms, it would help to have your air ducts checked and cleaned to improve indoor air quality. 

Getting Professional Los Angeles Air Duct Cleaning Service
Once you’ve determined that it is necessary to have your home’s air ducts cleaned, use these tips in selecting and working with a professional contractor:
Make sure to obtain estimates from several contractors for comparison.
Check the contractor’s references. Note that Los Angeles air duct cleaning companies usually offer other services like Los Angeles dryer vent cleaning, Los Angeles vent cleaning and Los Angeles furnace cleaning so you want to check relevant references.
Several states including the state of California require a special license for air duct cleaners. Check that the air duct cleaning Los Angeles contractor holds the necessary state license.
Choose a knowledgeable contractor who can answer your questions completely.
Choose a Los Angeles air duct cleaning contractor who follows industry standards and   guidelines as set by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) or the North  American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) if your ducts are made of duct board,  flex duct or has fiber glass lining.

When working with a Los Angeles air duct cleaning contractor, only agree to have biocide applied in the ducts if it is necessary to inhibit mold growth. During biocide application, it is safer that your family and pets leave the premises. As for sealant application, allow this only if there are no other possible options.

Once the air duct cleaning is done, you may also want to look at whether you also need Los Angeles vent cleaning or Los Angeles furnace cleaning in your home. It is recommended to start regular maintenance program with your ductwork, vents and furnace to prevent future problems.